About us

About the organizers

At Exclusive Coffees we create and share knowledge on boutique coffees with our fellow producers and coffee friends worldwide, with love, passion and dedication.

We live coffee perfection created side by side with the farmers and their families, sharing and celebrating cuppings with them in our lab. We develop extensive workshops countrywide, creating deep coffee training towards excellence in every process; Offering and exporting exceptional coffees to our world coffee friends.

The Producing Regions

Over We are a small coffee origin in the world, yet a special origin, a unique “coffee gem” as we call it. Costa Rica has been blessed with perfect conditions for the production of coffee: “a terrific terroir”.

We have been able to identify 4 MAIN PRODUCING REGIONS of specialty and boutique coffees (West Valley, Central Valley, Tarrazú, and Chirripó-Brunca) each one with unique environmental characteristics creating specific cup profiles to its coffees.